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Basic raw material handling (liquid powders cream creams) and use of micro elements as excipients of petrochemical, animal, synthetic or vegetable dyes, thickeners, emulsifiers, antioxidants, opacifiers.

Our systems ensure speeds and repeatability of dosages and optimum management of production batches and raw material stockpiles, for maximum quality and safety, which eliminate human errors and ensure a minimum contact between operators and the loss of materials dispersion in the working environment for maximum hygiene and health safety.

All the operations can be done through an operating PC, on which the recipes can be selected, the weights of each individual component can be verified during the feeding operations, and it’s possible to verify all the feeding cycles made that are saved automatically on the feeding operations, as well as all the feeding cycles performed which are saved automatically on the PC installed.

The main advantages that the system offers are: total elimination of human error, repeatability of the feeding, elimination of contact by the operator with the products to be dispensed. The process is completely automatic and the Software is created in such a way that it allows the machine to manage all the recipes necessary with formulations of between 1 and 20 components autonomously, even without staff present for maximum operating comfort.


  • Plants for trichological tints  
  • Dosage preparation