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Definitive Innovation has fine-tuned machines and components that are widely used in plastic extrusion plants. Many types of different plastics can be realized by using PE and PP powders as base and adding various additives depending on the main property which will characterize the final result that it is desired.

For example, resistance to atmospheric agents to create outdoor furniture or elasticity to create food films. The main sections of the typical plant include a storage area for the base powder and the additives, the extraction systems of the material from the silos and the supply of the dedicated feeder systems for the different materials. The supply of the extruder can be direct or through an interposed mixer. Exiting the extruder, there are still various devices such as the granulator, the cutter and the dryer. The process includes the feeding of the main powder and the combination in percentage of the various additives included in the formula.

Since the finished product (normally semi-finished in granular form) is made up of standard plastics and additives such as fillers (CaCO3, talc), fibers (glass and coal), additional additives and liquids (crosslinker, lubricant) these products are mainly used in three areas of application: technical plastics, thermally sensitive plastics, master batches.


  • Compound production
  • Production polymers
  • Production masterbatch
  • Extrusion
  • Production drawn pipes
  • Production blown film
  • Thermoforming
  • Production plastic laminates
  • Production food packaging