Industrial dosing systems

Volumetric and Gravimetric Dosing Solutions

Definitive Innovation offers a complete range of feeders for powder materials, granules, fibres and flakes, liquids and pastes.

Available in both volumetric and gravimetric versions with electronic load cell weighing systems, our industrial dosing systems guarantee excellent precision and reliability. They are designed to be applied in all industrial sectors, including Atex environments, where they ensure top safety during operations.

100% Made in Italy

Our industrial dosing systems are all Made in Italy, entirely in our factories. This allows us to strictly monitor quality at every stage of production.

Major components, such as metering pumps, regulators and sensors, are produced in-house to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance

We also work with selected local suppliers to ensure the highest quality of secondary components. Internal production and local suppliers provide us with a large stock of components, ensuring speedy maintenance support.

Our Industrial dosing systems

Rely on the Definitive Innovation Experience

You can rely on the Experience of Definitive Innovation to obtain reliable, customised and cutting-edge industrial dosing solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimise your production processes, reaching new levels of efficiency and quality.