Compact dosing systems

RDF Customised Dosing Stations

Our compact dosing systems are designed to ensure high quality and precision in a wide range of industrial sectors, from chemical to food. We offer versatile solutions that perfectly dose different raw materials and easily adapt to the space available.

Our customised dosing batteries offer many advantages, including:

  • Wide range of solutions for dosing powders, granules, fibres and pastes, with the right accessories for each feeder.
  • Compact and flexible systems that can adapt to small spaces (up to 32 feeders in 18 m² in custom solutions).
  • Storage of materials to be dosed up to 3 m³ of capacity for each raw material.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the “FAST-LOCK” system for quick and effortless cleaning.
  • Speed in the batch with fully gravimetric feeders that can feed at the same time, with a total flow rate of over 8 T/h.
  • Modular and expandable system.
  • Recipe management with traceability system that guarantees reproducibility and consistency of production processes.