IETI project

The IETI project represented a key strategy for the international expansion of Definitive Innovation, based on technological innovation. During the POWTECH and PLAST fairs, the company successfully presented its flagship products, such as RDF Station and new thrusters, aiming to strengthen its presence in the European market, with particular attention to key countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Poland. Definitive Innovation has effectively illustrated the performance and applications of its products across a wide range of industrial sectors, highlighting the benefits and added value they offer to potential customers.

This initiative has allowed the company to obtain several significant results:

  • Increased brand visibility: Strategic participation in internationally relevant trade shows has significantly expanded Definitive Innovation’s presence in global markets, consolidating its reputation as a leader in technological innovation and capturing the attention of potential customers and key stakeholders.
  • Consolidation of business partnerships: Through direct interaction with a wide range of industry players during trade fairs, the company has strengthened existing relationships with strategic business partners, contributing to the consolidation of its network of contacts and the creation of synergies for future collaborations.
  • Expansion of business opportunities: Exposure to an international audience has catalyzed significant interest in Definitive Innovation’s innovative products and solutions, generating a series of new business opportunities through contact with new markets and the identification of potential partnerships business on a global scale.

The project involved total investments of 120,963.94 euros, financed by an expected regional contribution of 25,000.00 euros.