Advanced systems for the storage and handling, dosing and mixing of raw materials in the construction sector

Storage solutions in construction

Definitive Innovation develops machines and systems for the storage, handling, dosing and mixing of powdered raw materials, additives, plastic and metal fibres used in the construction sector.  

Our systems are designed to ensure efficiency and precision in the feeding processes of mixing plants, processing lines and transfer of primary products for packaging lines.

The premixed plants are evolving rapidly from a technological point of view, through the inclusion of innovative raw materials.

The production of premixed products is consolidating its importance thanks to the innovation of raw materials that respond to the growing need for performance and quality of the finished product.

Products such as glues, mortars, plasters and wall paints are designed with greater attention to sustainability with advantages for the environment, noise pollution and at the same time there is greater attention to design, which is why the products include the presence of biological components, plastic and metallic fibres.

Definitive Innovation with its industrial plants for the construction and ceramic sector stands out in the dosage of synthetic and metallic fibres, which are increasingly used in this sector as structural elements of composites.

Particular attention is paid to the production of wall paints, with the introduction of sands and granular materials of different nature (marble and quartz) directly dosed “in can”.

Higher safety standards

Last but not least, there is the need to introduce greater safety standards with the presence of dust at risk of explosion, for this reason Definitive Innovation provides equipment that scrupulously follows the ATEX regulations.

The components necessary for the construction of a premixed system are:

  • raw material storage silos;
  • extraction and feeding systems for a battery of dosers (specific depending on the product to be dosed;
  • pre-loading hopper (on load cells) or directly towards the mixer and then flowing towards the packaging of the finished product.


  • Impianti per premiscelati
  • Vernici murali
  • Impianti di colorazione a secco per ceramica
  • Laterizi
  • Cementi e Betonaggio

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