Innovative systems and applications for the plastic sector

Systems and applications for the plastic sector

Definitive Innovation designs and manufactures turnkey systems for the storage, transport and dosing of raw materials used in the production of plastic materials in granules.

We specialise in the processing of regenerated technopolymers and first-rate plastic polymers.

Our systems for the plastic sector are designed to produce high-quality technopolymers, following the entire compounding process with precision and accuracy. Thanks to our systems, the necessary additives can be added and dosed to obtain high-quality products.

The raw material is processed, mixed with powders and granules, pigmented and coloured according to the specific needs of the final object to be made. This allows specific mechanical properties to be achieved, such as weather resistance for outdoor furniture or elasticity for food films.

Over the years we have extended the application of our systems to a wide range of industrial sectors, including masterbatches, compounds, adhesives, rubber, glues, biomaterials, stretch films and special processes.

With our systems, it is possible to create tailor-made products for various applications in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Interior and exterior furnishings
  • Building
  • Packaging
  • Biopolymers

Definitive Innovation stands out for its outstanding technological solutions and use of advanced production monitoring and management systems. In fact, we provide highly advanced software for data collection, management of industrial automation systems, process control and supervision, automatic warehouses, up to remote support.

Speed of production, reducing material waste and adapting processes to specific needs make our systems for the plastic sector essential to maintaining competitiveness and responding to the demands of a constantly evolving market.

Sustainable innovation: recovery and recycling of plastic materials

Definitive Innovation is extremely attentive to environmental issues and is committed to searching for solutions for the recovery and regeneration of post-consumer materials, with a view to circularity.

Our systems process ground waste of different sizes coming from the recycling of flexible packaging, food packaging and components of the automotive sector, to give a second life to plastic and create high-quality products, respectful of the environment and ready for reuse.

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