Machines and systems for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

Definitive Innovation is a leader in providing complete solutions for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. From the single machine to the finished system, we guarantee utmost quality and reliability, operating both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to the automation of our processes, we guarantee efficiency and precision, providing cutting-edge solutions for every production need.

Our systems and machines for the cosmetics sector guarantee speed and repeatability of dosing. Designed to minimise operator contact with dust and reduce material dispersion, our systems reduce human error, guarantee best production quality, and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Fully automated processes

Our software autonomously and efficiently manages recipes with formulations from 1 to more components, even in the absence of personnel.

The products are loaded automatically by means of vacuum conveying with identification of the raw material via a bar code. All operations are managed through a PC that allows the operator to select the recipes, check the weights of each component during dosing and monitor cycles, which are automatically saved.

Industrial Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceuticals sector, the accurate management of bulk ingredients, often micro and expensive, is crucial. Our machines and systems reduce waste and guarantee accurate measurements and meticulous data recording.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceuticals sector, Definitive Innovation considers all the application specifications and properties of the ingredients in the design phase. The latter often have unique features that require special design choices, such as the use of small hoppers with mirror finishes. Our solutions for the management of raw materials guarantee the integrity and safety of the ingredients. Contamination is avoided to maintain final product quality and consumer safety.

The careful attention to contact materials has led Definitive Innovation to choose noble materials, such as 304 and 316L stainless steel, and polymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene, particularly suitable for withstanding oxidation or chemical reactions.

In addition, our dosing and weighing systems follow strict hygiene practices, with regular cleaning and sanitation services.

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